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Refugee Need

As the conflict in the Ukraine has accelerated and intensified and as millions of refugees pour over the borders into the West of Europe there is an urgent need for placement of these refugees that as a community we could address.

Our prime minister has indicated that Canada will adopt an open border for refugees from the conflict, this has resulted in an opportunity for Birch Hills and Saskatchewan to step up and open our community to another community in need.

Our doors have always been open to new Canadians and this is a need that will particularly tug on the heartstrings of a large part of our Saskatchewan population.

The Saskatchewan government has indicated that Saskatchewan will open it’s doors to an unlimited number of refugees and work with communities to assist in the relocation and settlement of families.

What can we as a community do to address this need?  Can we find the will and resources to assist families in need?  How do we find housing and accommodation for families who will come without adult male members?  If it were to happen, how can we support and integrate these families within our town?

The real challenge in my opinion is “Can we forget our differences and embrace the need as a community?”


Your Mayor

Stewart Adams