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Welcome to Birch Hills


Public Notice is hereby given that the Council of the Town of Birch Hills intends to adopt a bylaw under The Planning and Development Act, 2007 to amend Bylaw No. 04-2017, known as the Zoning Bylaw. INTENT: To amend the Zoning Bylaw, rezoning portions of land South of Highway 3 located in the North portions of Blk G, Plan 101832937 and all of Blk F, Plan 101832937 to accommodate potential future commercial and/or industrial development. REASON: To amend the Zoning Bylaw to allow for potential future commercial and/or industrial use(s). PUBLIC HEARING: Council will hold a public hearing in January, 2023 (date TBD) at the Duane Lowe Community Centre in Birch Hills at 135 Bellamy Avenue to hear any group who wants to comment on the proposed land rezoning. Council will also consider written comments received on or before the date of the Public Meeting or that are delivered to the undersigned at the Town Office. The date of the public hearing will be called at the December 14th, 2022 Regular Meeting of Council. 

Dated at the Town of Birch Hills, in the Province of Saskatchewan the 24th day of November, 2022.

Danielle J.A. Vandale, LGA, CAIB, MsGov, Chief Administrative Officer/ Development Officer, Town of Birch Hills

Town of Birch Hills Multicultural Week November 19-27, 2022 For Multicultural Week we are inviting everyone to share where they are from! We have a map in the Civic Center entrance, you can add a pin to show where you are from, and if you’d like you can leave a note as well!

Map & Prices of Lots for Sale in Birch Hills 20221118114930


Shoutout and a huge Thank You to @RedbirdFibreOptics for coming out to Birch Hills for a community engagement session. 🤗 We had a blast and some members of our community took home some pretty cool prizes! 😎 We had excellent feedback, and many sign ups. If you weren’t able to make it to the event last night and still want to sign up, please visit or text 1-306-979-6733.

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The Town of Birch Hills and Council and Administration express our sincere sympathy to family and survivors of the horrific events of this past Sunday morning in James Smith First Nation and the Village of Weldon.  It is a tragedy that has affected so many families in our area and our communities, many people will have to live with the consequences for years to come.  My heart goes out to the family of the First Responder who lost her life while responding to the initial call and I would ask that each of you consider what you can do to support those families and the community in mourning.

This community has responded to the directions issued by the RCMP by staying in place and locking down our residences, communicating with our neighbours and observing local traffic for any oddities.  However, there is nothing in our Emergency Plan that deals with an incident such as has occurred because it has not been identified as an incident that our administration or Council can react to, we have an Emergency Plan in place that identifies Weather related incidents, Accidents (Vehicular, Transportation of Dangerous Goods, Air, Bus), Fire/Explosion, Air Quality, Lost Persons, Utility Failure (Power, Gas, Water, Contaminations), or an Epidemic.  The Community has an Emergency Measures Co-ordinator as does the local RM, we are mandated by legislation to have these plans in place and updated as required.

We have not been consulted by the local RCMP or had any of our volunteers requested for assistance and until that occurs we will not be pressing any panic buttons, we would ask that none of our residents engage in hysteria. Rather, let us come together as a community during this challenging time.

There has been a lot of opinions expressed over the past couple of days that have done very little to deal with the core issues that are being faced by the people in crisis.  This is a time for understanding and consideration of how we can support all those affected by this incident.  There is no indication at this time that this community has any direct connection with the events unfolding and if and when we are contacted by the RCMP, any and all of our resources will be made available as required.

Your Mayor, Stewart Adams


Our organization is focusing on our effectiveness in limiting harassment and abuse. There is a shift underway throughout many organizations to encourage greater online civility. It has been cited for many organizations that harassment is currently socially rewarding by hostile individuals, groups, and other social media users.

Collection of social media posts and circulation of information that is any way cyber-bullying, defamatory, racist, harassing, abusive, promoting peer aggression, violent, sexist, racist, containing ageism, derogatory, items inflicting psychological damage, homophobic, abuse of seniors, insults, or any postings and/or comments containing undertones of all of the above, WILL be collected. Should the need arise for documentation, records and other information in legal proceedings, the Town office may be obligated to produce this information. Files have already been started in the municipal office. Collected documentation will be sent to our legal counsel and may be used to compare sentiments targeting elected officials, investigate incidences of online harassment, examine patterns of both users and user groups, and more.

If you use Facebook to keep yourself updated, please follow our page at Town of Birch Hills Municipal Office for updated and factual information.

Thank you for your immediate attention and understanding in this matter.

Town of Birch Hills

Declaration of Results Municipal By-Election July 6, 2022

Candidate                       Number of Votes

Kathleen Evans                81

John Herd                        136

Keith Matheson               174


Birch Hills Public Water Meeting June 3, 2022 – YouTube

Graham Tweten
Seconded By: Keith Matheson
THAT the Council of the Town of Birch Hills will be reviewing the per diem rates that are currently paid to Council, ahead of preparing the 2023 budget; this will take place at the Regular Meeting of Council on November 23rd, 2022; public notice to be posted immediately.
Carried Check out our video for the award ceremony!


Congratulations Birch Hills !


Traffic Accommodation Plan for Taylor Ave paving during the middle of July, 2022.

The Duane Lowe Community Centre

The Duane Lowe Community Centre is now open for rentals! Please contact the Town office at (306) 749-2232 in order to book your family function, birthday, wedding, board meeting, etc! Watch for updates as we will be uploading the Rental Agreement on our webpage.


Point of Interest! On behalf of the Saskatchewan Municipal Awards (SMA’s) and the Selection Committee, the Town of Birch Hills has been selected as one of the top four finalists in the province to receive a Saskatchewan Municipal Award. We are being honored for our municipality’s project on the Multiuse Facility (now the Duane Lowe Community Centre). The Saskatchewan Municipal Awards Selection Committee congratulates us on our municipality’s dedication to excellence and dedication.

As part of the process, Fishbowl Productions will be coming out to Birch Hills to shoot new video footage of the updates and interview some facility users. We will post the video link as soon as it is completed.


There are no events

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